A Change of Pace…


6 I said, “Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.
Psalm 55:6

So this season of life has been crazy hectic to say the least.  My poor blog has sat dormant for too long as I’ve tried to adjust to a new career in a new home, in a new state, with my two little people both attending school all day which is a huge change from last year.  I’ve been telling myself that I don’t have time to write on my blog when I should be planning lessons for school the next week, washing the baseball pants that will be needed for the next T-ball game, or cleaning the ridiculously messy house, or shopping for groceries to fill an empty fridge.  While I know that those are all good things to do, and most of my time has been dedicated to doing them, I’ve decided that something’s gotta give, because I need my alone time back.  Just me, the good Lord, and my thoughts racing across a computer screen.

At work, we take turns leading devotions on Mondays and Fridays.  My colleagues have suggested, “You really should start a blog,” I’ve nodded and thanked them too embarrassed to admit, “Yeah I already have one, but I haven’t written on it since I’ve moved because I’m too overwhelmed lately with teaching, mothering, cooking, cleaning, home-decorating and parenting commitments.”  Okay, truthfully, absolutely zero home decorating has been done in the past nine months, but who has time for that?

There have been days when I’m wishing I could fly away, to go back in time to last year.  Not working had its moments of amazingness.  I got to nap with the kids.  Lindsay and I had play dates.  Most of the time I didn’t absolutely have to be anywhere at a certain time. I got to nap with the kids.  I cooked a lot and blogged a lot.  I had energy because of all those naps. 🙂  The thing is though, I enjoyed my quiet times tremendously.  In my thinking, and writing I find my rest.  Since I haven’t made time for it lately, I feel I’m less happy than I could be.

I’ll admit that when I started this blog I had the idea that each post had to be perfect. (Not that they were by any means.)  They had to all revolve around a central theme of food or Jesus with a cute little poem/prayer at the end and no room for just “life.”  And so, I’ve decided dear friends, that this nonsense of “musts” just has to come to an end.  Writing makes me happy and I’m not always serious and I’m not always poetic and some days are just crazy and funny and ridiculous and need to be written down for my own happiness if for no one else’s.  And maybe someday my kids will look back at these posts and laugh and it will all have been worth it.  (Like my incredible over usage of the word “and”)  Basically, I’m going to stop and smell the roses and then make sure I have time to write about it, dang it!  🙂

I pray that you too can find the time to do what brings you rest.

P.S. These flowers have been blooming in my backyard for a few weeks apparently, and this is the first time I’ve had the chance to go out and take a look.

One response to “A Change of Pace…

  1. Amen! Amen! Amen! I love you Lis! And I’m still battling blogging in my mind and heart. Good for you for stopping to take care of you for a minute! XOXO


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