I haven’t posted in a while because we’ve been road trippin’. But I figured while we’re at it, why not tell you about the amazing food we’ve had a long the way? Our first destination was Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. It’s a temperate rainforest with gorgeous waterfalls and beautiful dense foliage. We discovered new plants and wildflowers each day.

While I did cook some meals before our trip to make camping trailer life a little easier, we wanted to make sure we got out and about to explore some restaurants in the area. PanezaNellie is only a twenty minute drive from the Silver Falls campground in Sublimity. We went there as we were leaving, but it’s close enough to drive down for lunch while you’re staying.

At this point Oregon state laws still require social distancing and masks inside, which makes eating here slightly tricky for the fact that the seating is limited. However, because of COVID most people are ordering take out. Even though the line was out the door when we arrived, by the time we ordered there were tables available both inside and on their cute patio outside.

The lobby to order is small but mighty. The decorations are welcoming and the smell is heavenly. They have a large display case where you’re sure to start salivating at their pizza by the slice, giant loaded breadsticks, and desserts. After you order, you can wait outside or at one of their quaint tables inside.

Through that archway above there’s the perfect socially distanced table for three…

Or, from the patio there’s another room with a few more small tables…

We chose to eat outside on the front patio to soak up the sunshine.

I’m not gonna lie…we ordered way too much food because we wanted to sample EVERYTHING. We were really glad we did though because we had it for lunch and then warmed up the extra breadsticks in the oven a few days later for dinner.

10” Pepperoni pizza for the kids. Delicious! Yes, the adults tried it too!
Antipasto salad – huge portion and AMAZING! We tried both the traditional Italian dressing and their balsamic vinaigrette. We enjoyed both.
Overstuffed Breadsticks- divine

You have to order 6 breadsticks if you want something that isn’t already pre-made. These were so big that my husband and I only ate one each. What we didn’t get a picture of is the single jalapeño cream cheese breadstick that we sampled as an appetizer. It was the favorite for all of us (including the munchkins.)

Clockwise from top left- carrot cake, no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies, apple cobbler, frosted banana cake

I wasn’t a fan of the carrot cake. There are raisins and coconut flakes in EVERY bite which isn’t for me. The cream cheese frosting was light and fluffy with only a slight hint of cream cheese whereas I prefer thick. The no-bake cookies were a family favorite despite the fact that my husband tends to add more peanut butter when we make them at home. The apple cobbler was the best dessert we purchased hands down. The banana cake was good, but far too sweet. The frosting was unnecessary and not good enough to add anything to what was just really good banana bread.

Overall this was such a fun experience. The employees were very nice, the food was incredible, and we got to listen to Christian radio while we stuffed our bellies. Five stars! If you’re in the area, this is a must!

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